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Government law and Judiciary system

The agreement which is webnest global is going to sign it will be applicable as per the Government of India New Delhi and the legal Advisors in Delhi.

The webnestglobal team will Serve You and assist you with the best possible solution in each and every case and always faced by the client side to work and deliver high quality service.

Privacy policy

All the information provided by client will not be released or shared by anyone apart from the webnestglobal employees.

Encounter needed to visit help the navigation in the site or anything temporary cookies updating on the modifications division data and that information will not be done from our side.

Payment and Refund issue

All payments will be taken by the set mode in web rest global the paid amount will be deducted or refunded if there is any lakh from webnest side.

Webnest will not be responsible for any fraud or any hacking done by any third party he will give the report for that and the complete solution will be assessed by our team


Warranty and the complete claymore sword disclaimers excluding providing in written agreement by the web nest Global all the material and services site the codes are incomplete warranty with the lifetime support. If there is any bug error come in our solution or material and the information of document provided by us is completely tested and verified by our senior authorities.

If any liability will be there then we are responsible for dad and we will provide you free of cost solution for any project that you done with us for the various countries because of it may contain such programs and the services which available and complete by publicized in our country.


Webnest Global will provide the logo and Trademark and Services. Smart put on the way you are viewing fully owned by the web nest Global and the personal or commercial strictly prohibited because of any written permission of web nest Global in the market.

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